Robocop for Android: from movie theaters to Smartphones!

Glu Mobile enriches its list with another very exciting title: after the success of Deer Hunter e Frontline Commando here Robocop, the game inspired by the famous film which has been populating Italian cinemas for a few weeks.

We are in Detroit, 2028 year, agent Alex Murphy, mortally wounded while on duty, thanks to the resources of the multinational OmniCorp is transformed into a policeman in part man and part robot, we will play the role of the protagonist in an approaching gameplay with a control system to say the least perfect.

The graphic does not disappoint: as for other titles of the same software house the quality is high, and the way in which the gameplay was conceived allows the player to focus more on the accuracy of the shots (since we will be hidden for the most part behind a protective element), thus avoiding "clumsy" maneuvers to avoid enemy fire ; an excellent choice given the obvious difficulties in simultaneously controlling movements and aiming with touch devices.

Robocop for Android

Robocop for Android

There are surprises:

  • we can use the drones to take down more enemies at once
  • scan the area looking for enemies and subjects to capture or to save, through theirs body heat and discover their weaknesses
  • face fierce robotic enemies directly from the movie like the EM-208 model and the ED-209 one

We will also have to boost up continuously weaponry e armor with the new technologies of the OmniCorp to be able to deal with increasingly challenging scenarios.

Robocop is free but you can use real money to buy new weapons and upgrades, but this does not ruin the playability of the title, which has nothing to envy of much more expensive games in the Playstore. | Download in English

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