[Rom] Purity Nexus 4

in the previous article we have unlocked the bootloader and installed a custom recovery: we will now see how to install a custom ROM on Nexus 4, specifically the Purity ROM.


  • Nexus 4
  • Unlocked bootloader, root permissions and custom recovery: READ HERE for the N-Cry Toolkit guide.
  • ROM file: PURITY
  • GAPPS files to install all Google apps: DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Possible fixes and kernels to install: in this guide we will install Photosphere because it is not included in the ROM. DOWNLOAD PHOTOSPHERE

ATTENTION: I am not responsible for any damage to your terminal, moreover the installation of a new ROM causes all your data to be lost so it is always advisable to make a backup


  1. Transfer all the .zip files necessary for installation into a folder in the phone (eg Download folder)
  2. Go into recovery (from the phone off, press and hold for a couple of seconds: VOL - | VOL + |
  3. Once in recovery we do in succession: WIPE data / factory reset then wipe cache partition and finally advanced -> WIPE dalvik cache
  4. Let's move on to installing the ROM: select choose zip from sdcardselect 0/ in the next menu and finally find the folder where we inserted the rom files (in the example Download folder) and select the ROM PURITY file.
  5. Once the installation is complete re-run the 4 point but this time select the .zip file of the GAPPS
  6. Repeat the 4 point but this time select the file .zip of photosphere
  7. We have finished installing restart with Reboot system now and wait for the first upload of the new ROM 😉

nb: PURITY does not have root permissions enabled so after its installation we will have to re-enable them.


The purity is an AOSP ROM then a pure Google Rom based on Android 4.3: aesthetically we do not find any difference with the Stock, we find only a couple of APPs pre-installed in addition to those of android as the torch and DSP manager which improves the Audio section of our Nexus 4.

RAM occupied at power on is approx 430Mb, which contributes to having excellent performance: in this month of use we have never encountered a slowdown or a system crash, a stability equal to the Rom Stock.

Below the result obtained with the Antutu benchmark


The autonomy is certainly increased even though not using the Purified kernel (which should further increase the autonomy of the rom): with WIFI and 3g always active, 2 Email synchronized, internet browsing, google +, whatsapp and a use that with the ROM stock it allowed me to do 3 hours and a half of screen on average, now I can get to 4 hours of screen without particular precautions, and in some cases, when the use becomes more parsimonious I can overcome the 5 hours of screen on ( obviously these are very variable aspects, they are only personal considerations)

Purity Purity

The ROM introduces the possibility of making some graphic changes, which many would like to be integrated into the Stock rom, is in fact added to the settings in the PURITY section composed of 2 entries (System and Dark UI): with the second we can choose whether to make the theme of the android menu clear or dark while the voice system it allows to modify: the statusbar, the tiles, the lock screen, the items of the power menu, the size of the virtual keys (with the possibility of hiding them in desktop mode by expanding), the color of the virtual keys and their number and finally allows the gesture customization to access google now (allows us to launch other applications instead of google now).

Purity Purity

If you want a ROM Stock with the possibility of making some graphical changes that by default are not enabled, with better Audio performance and an improved autonomy the Purity Rom is definitely worth trying.

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