Root and custom Recovery Nexus 4 in one click with android 4.3 [N-Cry toolkit]

Today we will see how to get into the modding of our Nexus 4 by unlocking the bootloader, installing the clokworkmod recovery and finally getting root privileges with a simple and fast method.

We will use N-Cry Toolkit which allows you to carry out all these operations automatically so as to prepare the nexus 4 for installing a custom ROM, but before starting it is good to know that with this procedure you will delete all your data from the phone, it is therefore recommended to make a backup before proceeding; I take no responsibility for damage to my smartphone!


  • N-Cry Toolkit 3.4.2 version: Download HERE
  • a PC (better if portable) with Windows 7
  • Nexus 4 with Android 4.3
  • Internet connection active on the PC

downloaded the toolkit extract it to a folder of your choice, Start the program as an administrator (right click on NCry.exe -> run as administrator) and click on the American flag to set the English language, then click on "Driver setup" to install i ADB driver necessary for the correct recognition by windows of our nexus 4.


We activate on the Nexus 4 the USB debugging mode and connect it to the PC by selecting the PTP connection mode directly from the notification bar.

at this point let's make sure that the phone has been correctly recognized by the toolkit verifying that there is written "Nexus device found in green" and under State: "ADB mode"


we are ready to let the toolkit perform all modding operations by clicking on the item "1-Click Menu", the following window will open


  • select "Start Fastboot Mode" and we wait for the phone to restart in fastboot mode
  • select the first option "ERR Mode" which automatically unlocks the bootloader, activates the Root and installs the Clockworkmod recovery: 15Mb will be downloaded so during this operation, make sure you have an active internet connection.
  • we will be asked to confirm the unlocking of the bootloader directly on the phone screen, make sure we confirm it by moving between the options with the volume keys and to confirm with power button.
  • we will be able to check the progress of the operations directly from the toolkit, we wait for it to finish all the procedure at the end of which the phone will restart in recovery.
  • let's move between the recovery items using the volume keys and to confirm the power key: select "Reboot system now" and at the next request we select "NO"

Now the phone will restart normally and we will find the application in the Drawer "Super SU" from which we will be able to manage root permissions.


In the next article we will see how install a Custom Rom.

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