Summer sales on GearBest!

Here we are again talking about summer sales, but this time on GearBest.

Without delay we begin by saying that GearBest uses European warehouses so if you are hesitant about online purchases know that there is no danger of paying customs costs! After closing this small bracket, we review the main offers on display in this page.

Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, drones, TV Boxes, rooms and various accessories (earphones, power banks, gamepads, Cardboards etc.) here are the products that you will find, all with one discount up to 50% on the original price and with Free Shipping! Are you already curious? All you have to do is search among the many products for you.

If you want to buy a drone know that you can find them starting from 15 euro, here is an example.

Do you need a tablet that satisfies you? Maybe one with Windows 8? there he is here less than 200 euro! Maybe you don't like big devices and you've always wanted a smartwatch, but haven't you bought one yet because of too high prices? Take a look here and you can buy a full-function smartwatch for yourself 30 €.

Those looking for a new smartphone and want a true top of the range without possibly having to take out a mortgage take a look at the Xiaomi Mi4 or the brand new Meizu MX5.

If you're looking for an Android TV Box, I'm sure you'll find it less than 40 €, for example here.

And it is not over, among the other objects on offer we find projectors, backpacks, torches, bluetooth earphones, speaker, Go Pro, and even electronic cigarettes.

In short, this time the balances are aimed at a wider clientele, and I must say that the intent is successful, but the balances are limited to a few days so I urge you not to hesitate.

I also take this opportunity to remind you to pay the utmost attention when shopping online and, if possible, to pay for purchases with PayPal to have extra security.

We at InTheBit, hoping to have been useful to you, wish you a good purchase.

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