Save Gmail attachments in Google Drive automatically

If you are willing to save Gmail attachments in Google Drive, a handy Script by Amit Agarwal called "Send to Google Drive”Which will scan your Gmail account for attachments and save them in a specific Google Drive folder.

As has been happening for some time now, Google allows you to apply Labels (labels) to our Emails in order to keep the mail in order and accurately catalog our conversations.

Through the script it will be possible to choose which Label to scan and which extensions of the attachments will be saved, these filters will allow you to upload in Google Drive only the attachments of our interest.


Let's see how to install and configure the "Send to Google Drive" script:

  • Create a copy of the script on your Google Drive |clicking here|
  • In your Google Drive account you will now find a copy of the script in "Gsheet" script
  • Open the script, the first step will be to select "Gmail Attachments"From the top menu, and select"Step 1: Authorize"Which allows the script to access our Google account.

    send to google drive

    Save Gmail attachments in Google Drive: Send to Google Drive configuration

  • The previous image shows the interface with which you can configure the script:
    • In the first line we will have to select the Gmail Label to be scanned in search of attachments (inserting "inbox") The whole will be scanned Incoming mail.
    • In the second line we will be able to choose the name of the Google Drive folder which will contain all the attachments saved.
    • In the third the name of the label to be applied to emails containing the attachments processed by the script.
    • Finally we will have to choose what kind of file extensions we are interested in, setting for example jpg only attachments in format "will be saved.jpg"By setting"ALL"All formats will be saved.
  • All that remains is to run the script by selecting “Gmail Attachments"From the top menu and choose"Step 2: Run Program"

A folder will then be created in Google Drive called “Gmail Attachments"Which will gradually fill up with the attachments of our emails, the scanning process will take some time, especially in the case of many emails.

Send to Google Drive is a free script but for the most demanding it is also available in a premium version ($ 34,99) with further customizations such as the ability to specify multiple Gmail labels to scan, organize saved attachments in subfolders and other features , you can purchase the paid version HERE.

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