Samsung Galaxy: ROOT Guide, Recovery and Flash

For those who come across modding for the first time it may seem like a difficult task, but with this article you will find that it is not!

In fact I propose you a simple guide, step by step with the photos of all the steps ...



Let's start by downloading everything you need:

ROM: CyanogenMod 11 (Download depending on your terminal) | Link

Root: CF-AutoRoot (Download depending on the model) | Link

Recovery: ClockWorkMod Recovery Touch (or not touch | Link

ROM MANAGER | Download

ODIN3 v3.09 (Windows) | Link




  1. We turn off the phone
  2. Start in Download Mode as in the picture: (from off Volume-; Home; Power)
  3. confirm by pressing volume up
  4. go to Odin
  5. extract cf-autoroot
  6. select the latter using the key AP of Odin
  7. don't press anything
  8. let's go back to the phone in download mode, let's connect it and wait for a blue rectangle with COM (*) ...
    download-mode-sgs3 odin3-sgs3-flash
  9. once verified everything we press start ..
  10. at the end, reset will appear on odin and a red android “pirate” man will appear on the phone .. at the end it will restart automatically
root-sgs3 odin3-sgs3-rooted

Ok, root done! we can see it from the app menu, where there should be a call app SuperSU

Installation Recovery

Now let's move on to the installation of the CWM Touch recovery, downloadable from the link I posted to you. I transfer it to my phone and download rom manager, then I flash it

Flash first the recovery (not touch) then update it to the from recovery in the following way:

This is the ROM MANAGER interface (following images).

  1. Click on Recovery Setup
  2. click on the first item ClockworkMod Recovery (under INSTALL OR UPDATE RECOVERY)
    rom-manager rom-manager-recovery
  3. we confirm phone model so we click on our model
  4. ok, let's leave everything else as it is and click on Install clockworkmod recovery

    rom-manager-cwm rom-manager-installation-cwm

    depending on your connection the download will be more or less fast.

  5. We give root permissions by confirming to the superuser popup
  6. Clockwork mod recovery successfully installed!
  7. Now let's go into recovery by pressing the same Download Mode combination but instead of the volume down we press volume up, in my case it's more up-to-date than the, so I won't put the touch.
  8. Let's make Reboot system now
  9. Let's move on Yes-Disable recovery flash and we confirm to prevent stock recovery (Original)


Now we just have to transfer Gapps and CM11 to the phone, install them from recovery and you're done.
  1. go into recovery
  2. Install ZIP
  3. Select Storage
  4. Select Folder where we copied the files
  5. Select
  6. Give Yes
  7. Wipe Data
  8. Same procedure from Install ZIP to Select folder
  9. Select
  10. Give Yes
  11. give reboot system now
Ok, raga, the thing is automatic I don't have to post screen ... If you don't understand something leave a comment too!

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