[ROM] Samsung Galaxy W Android 4.0.4 - Cyanogenmod 9

Today we will see how to revive the Samsung Galaxy W GT-i8150 installing Android ICS 4.0.4 using the custom ROM C, we remember that the Galaxy wonder mounts android 2.3 and will not be updated by Samsung, with this simple guide you will be able to increase the functionality and performance of your phone significantly.

The Cyanogenmod 9 is the best ROM for the Galaxy Wonder: completely stable, without any bugs and with every hardware part working perfectly, let's see how to install it starting from a completely stock phone.

I remember that this operation could cause damage to your phone, I don't take any responsibility for any problem that could derive from the execution of the procedure explained in this article.

we will have to perform 2 several operations to be able to install the new ROM: first we will install one Recovery modified (clockworkmod) that allows you to perform advanced operations that are not possible with the original one pre-installed in our phone and subsequently we will install the cyanogenmod 9.

NB.Make a backup because the following operations will cause the loss of all our data!

before starting, make sure you have properly installed i usb drivers provided by samsung in our PC, or alternatively, install the program Choose for managing Samsung devices (it will also automatically install the usb drivers).


We extract the Odin .zip file into a folder on our PC and start the file as an administrator Odin Multidownloader v4.43.exe, the Odin window will open which will allow us to flash the new recovery in our phone;

we set Odin as follows:

  1. Clicking on Select OPS select the file Ancora.ops contained in the folder where we extracted odin
  2. Clicking on PDA let's select the file of the recovery clockworkmod with extension .md5 downloaded previously, an error will be shown indicating that the image file is not valid, continue ignoring the error as it does not preclude the correct operation of the operation
  3. Connect the phone via USB, we start the phone in fastboot mode: from phone off press keys simultaneously VOL DOWN + POWER KEY + HOME KEY (an alarm screen will appear in which we will have to confirm we want to continue with the VOL UP button) And wait for Odin to recognize it correctly: the box will be colored COM Port Mapping in yellow

after making sure that Odin is set up correctly, as in the photo, we click on Start and wait for our phone to reboot, we flashed the CWM!


to enter the new Recovery from phone off keep pressed at the same time the keys: VOL UP + HOME KEY + POWER KEY one time the Samsung logo appeared, release the POWER button and continue to press VOL UP + HOME KEY until the Clockworkmod menu appears.


transfer the newly downloaded 2 files to internal phone memory ed access Clockworkmod recovery with the above key combination: move between the various options of the cwm menu with the volume rocker and select the option with the home button.

perform the following operations:

  • wipe data / factory reset
  • wipe cache partition
  • advanced—> wipe dalvik cache

after cleaning the partition with the various wipes we proceed to install the cyanogen:

  • install zip —-> choose zip from sdcard and install the ROM
  • in the same way we install the file of gapps
  • Reboot system now

on reboot we will find our Galaxy Wonder with android ICS 4.0.4 🙂

To install Android 4.2.2 read our review + installation guide ROM AOIP for the Galaxy W

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