Samsung Galaxy W Android 4.2.2 - ROM AOIP

After thoroughly testing the excellent Cyanogen 9 on our Galaxy W, we will go today to install the ROM AOIP developed by the Insomnia team e based on Android 4.2.2 which includes more customizations than Cyanogen.


  • Halo notifications
  • Pie Control (drop-down menu)
  • The ability to change Quick Settings
  • Many graphical transition and scrolling effects
  • Extensive possibilities for customizing the status bar
  • You can change the screen DPI
  • Choose the Governor to better manage performance

La AOIP therefore it offers enough Features to satisfy every need, resulting much more complete than an original Samsung firmware.

galaxy w android 4.2

Samsung galaxy w android 4.2


This operation could cause damage to your phone, I take no responsibility for any problems that may arise from the execution of this guide.

To install the ROM you will first need to install one Recovery modified (clockworkmod) that allows you to perform advanced operations that are not possible with the original one pre-installed in our phone.

In case the ClockWorkMod Recovery is already installed, omit the following specific paragraph for its installation, going directly to read the part concerning the installation of the ROM.

NB.Make a backup because the following operations will cause the loss of all our data!


Before starting, make sure that you have properly installed i usb drivers provided by samsung in our PC, or alternatively, install the program Choose for managing Samsung devices (it will also automatically install the usb drivers).

Extract the .zip file of ODIN in a PC folder and start the file as administrator Odin Multidownloader v4.43.exe, the ODIN window will open which will allow flashing the new recovery in the phone.

we set Odin as follows:

  1. Clicking on Select OPS select the file Ancora.ops contained in the folder where ODIN was extracted.
  2. Clicking on PDA select the file of recovery clockworkmod  with extension .md5 previously downloaded, an error will be shown indicating that the image file is not valid, continue ignoring the error as it does not preclude the correct operation of the operation
  3. Connect the phone via USB, start the phone in fastboot mode: from phone off press keys simultaneously VOL DOWN + POWER KEY + HOME KEY (an alarm screen will appear in which we will have to confirm we want to continue with the VOL UP button)  And wait for Odin to recognize it correctly: the box will be colored COM Port Mapping in yellow

after making sure that Odin is set up correctly, as in the photo, we click on Start and wait for our phone to restart, we have finished the installation of thethe CWM.

samsung galaxy w android 4.2.2

Samsung Galaxy W Android 4.2.2
ODIN configuration for CWM installation


to start the new Recovery, from the phone off, hold down the keys simultaneously: 

Vol UP + HOME button + POWER button one time the Samsung logo appeared, release the POWER button and continue to press VOL UP + HOME KEY until the Clockworkmod menu appears.

in Recovery it will not be possible to use the touch screen, consequently you browse through the various menu items with the volume rocker and confirm the choice with the home button.


  • Make sure you have a good level of battery power.
  • Download the ROM file Download AOIP v.1.6b5 (md5sum: 3c8c5c72155468e579bfca84e625420c)

Transfer the downloaded 2 files to the microSD (IMPORTANT! pay attention to is not transfer them to the internal memory) and restart the phone in recovery: Vol SU + Home + Power.

For further security, check immediately if the ROM and GAPPS files are present and accessible from recovery by selecting the item Install zip and subsequently choose zip from / external_sd, in this screen the files must be listed ROM e gapps;

After verifying the correct file transfer, go back to the main recovery screen, choosing +++ Go Back +++ and we can start formatting the various phone partitions,

select in succession:

  • Wipe data / factory reset
  • Mounts and Storage -> Format / System
  • Mounts and Storage -> Format / sdcard (it could also be called sdcard0, the important thing is that do not format the microsd, which will be called external_sd o sdcard1)

After having cleaned the various partitions we now proceed to install the ROM, select:

  • Install zip from external_sd (or from sdcard1) -> Select the AOIP ROM file
  • Install zip from external_sd (or from sdcard1) -> Select the GAPPS file
  • Wipe cache
  • Advanced -> Wipe dalvik cache
  • Now we can restart the phone by selecting reboot system now 

We are waiting for the phone to start up for a few minutes and we will find the phone again Samsung Galaxy W with Android 4.2.2


At the first start I found some Lag and not exactly optimal fluidity, perhaps due to too many active operations (it was restoring all the applications from the Playstore), then the situation improved but for a truthful judgment I prefer to wait a few days of use in order to evaluate also autonomy.

The ROM has really many customizations and graphic effects well done, you have control over many aspects of the phone including CPU management, UI customizations and much more.


Yes, but of little importance:

When a picture is taken, the preview of the shot will have a green color, but the photo will still be taken correctly.

I have not found any other problems, in the case in which I will find others the article will be updated, including any your reports in the comments. 

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