Samsung could release KitKat in January for S4 and Note 3, in March-April for S3 and Note 2

Although Samsung has not yet released Android 4.3 for some devices (see S3), the alleged release dates of Android 4.4 KitKat for S4, S3, Notes 2 e Notes 3. Obviously the first to receive the update will be the latest arrivals: S4 and Note 3 should receive the update at the beginning of 2014, in January. As for S3 and Note 2, we will have to wait until March, or even April.




This delay may depend on the integration of the Touchwiz, the Samsung UI, with KitKat, but it should however give a better user experience by making some improvements:


  • greater system stability

  • shorter answer (less lag)

  • less RAM occupied, more space for applications

  • improved multi-tasking

  • higher performance


These dates are therefore not secure at 100% and we will have to wait until December for official news, but surely Samsung will not give up KitKat updates for the listed 4 devices. Also for branded devices, more time will certainly be needed for the release of the update.

Via: XDA

Source: itechaddict

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