Samsung: transparent screen and rear touch screen on the next devices?


Apparently Samsung has obtained the patent for a new smartphone with a new technology, that of transparent display with touch controls on the back.

One of the "problems" that would solve this patent would be to obscure a part of the display with our finger, the one we are used to now. In fact when we go to open an application, a folder or simply to write, we cover a part of the display, hiding apps or parts of text.
It also seems that you can simultaneously interact with both the front and rear touch, similar to a function that is already present on the PlayStation Vita via the rear touch panel.



We talked about these features in the past and now Samsung could make it real. But this is only for the rear touch controls. In fact, transparent displays (TOLED) is a technology already used and also present on the market. Let's talk about the Lenovo S-800, a phone with a transparent 2.4 display made by one of the two current producers of transparent screens: Futaba.
Another device, which appeared later in the market, is the Nexian Glaze M-9090, an Indonesian phone with a display with the same characteristics as the Lenovo, but produced by Neoview Kolon, second manufacturer of TOLED displays.
Finally we see a last product, the 4D Systems of which there is a small video hand-on.

These devices have a maximum size of 2,4 ″. But there are various prototypes made by LG and from Samsung itself, which presented an AMOLED display by well 14 " transparent.
Maybe in the future our devices will be equipped with transparent displays, or will these even be applied to windows, windshields, etc. as we see in the movies?
What about a smartphone with a rear touch? Could you simplify use or find it useless?

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