Unlock keychain on Ubuntu access and derivatives [GNOME]

In this article I will briefly explain how I solved the problem of the continuous requests for the password to be entered by the Ubuntu keychain, in particular at every first start of Chromium I was asked for a password to unlock the keychain.

The solution I adopted consists of a few simple operations:

Find out the name of the keyring that makes the requests.

The window that requires the insertion of the password shown when accessing Ubuntu, indicates the name of the key ring, for example in the following image his name is "default".

Unlock keyfob Ubuntu

Unlock keyfob Ubuntu

reset the settings of the offending keychain or delete the passwords saved in it.

If you use ubuntu you can start the application "passwords and keys"Which allows you to manage the keychain with a graphic interface, go to the"Saved passwords”Select the correct keychain and delete any password contained within it.

In my case it was not possible to use this method because using a derivative (Elementary OS) I don't have a specific application for the keychain and consequently I had to reset its settings renaming the file "predefinito.keyrings"In"predefinito.keyrings.backup"So that the system recreates it from scratch.

my keychain name is "default"And save its settings in the file"predefinito.keyrings”Which is inside a hidden folder of the Home call "Gnome2", In general the file name is [keyring name] .keyrings I remember that to view hidden folders, simply use the "CTRL + H" key combination.

Once this operation is complete, all that remains is to restart the system and as soon as a new password is requested from the keychain we leave the Empty Password field and click OK.

From now on we will no longer be asked for the password to unlock keychains in ubuntu and its derivatives based on Gnome.

This solution decreases the security of the system since anyone who has physical access to the PC could view the passwords entered in some network applications, but since I only use my PC I do not have these problems.

If you have solved in other ways write it in the comments and as usual I will integrate your suggestions in the article. 



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