Download Mp3 from Youtube with Ubuntu

In the last few years, a myriad of software has been created that allow you to download Mp3 from Youtube, in response to the increasing interest shown by users in this practice; and if there are many specific programs for Windows, in Linux we often rely on browser extensions or online services which, while working excellently, do not offer the convenience and immediacy of software installed locally on the PC.

In the Ubuntu market, however, there is one of the best software to download Mp3 from Youtube, it is about Youtube to MP3: a famous multi-platform program free of annoying advertising banners with all the settings necessary to satisfy most users, let's see how it works:



The interface it is intuitive and minimal it is possible to paste the link of the video from which we want to extract the MP3, dragging the link in the appropriate area or with the classic copy / paste, but what is striking in the use of this program is the immediacy of its operation: it makes it possible to carry out multiple downloads, this means that by pasting multiple links to youtube videos, the program will analyze them instantly by listing them and preparing them for download, so we can decide to download them simultaneously or individually.


To make Mp3 a highest quality: open the preferences window (Menu Edit -> Preferences) and in the section called "Music”Sets the Maximum bitrate 320Kpbs

You can download Mp3 from the following video streaming services: 

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud
  • Daylimotion

Youtube to Mp3 automatically recognizes and adds tags to the song such as artist or album, it is also possible to set the maximum download band that can be used by the program, the maximum number of multiple downloads, the audio quality, the audio format (to be chosen between Mp3 e M4A) and much more.


Youtube to Mp3 it can be installed directly from Ubuntu Software Center, but unfortunately it is an old version, to install the latest developer release simply download the program from the repositories media human instead of the official Ubuntu ones, with the following terminal commands:

sudo add-apt-repository '' sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys D808832C7D19F1F3 sudo apt-get update

Now let's install Youtube to Mp3:

sudo apt-get install youtube-to-mp3

I must point out that it is illegal to download copyrighted content, always check that the video from which you extract the audio is freely downloadable. 

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