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In this article I want to introduce you to a Windows program useful for listening, buying and downloading music in mp3 format.

The program we are talking about today is Songr, a fairly light and simple program that allows you to listen to individual tracks or entire albums before making a purchase. What Songr does is search for music on all search engines for mp3, and that's why it's always up to date.



In the screenshot it is possible to see how Songr looks: as soon as it is opened, 4 music genres are shown, expandable with the button Other and just below it will be shown the Artists that we searched for in the appropriate bar at the top right. The image therefore shows the research I have done giving information on the group (whether we are looking for the name of the artist or a song), on similar artists and some tracks that you can listen to using the buttons below.
This interface is present on the new version of Songr and is based on the style of Windows 8.
Pressing the button at the bottom Show all however, it is possible to display the old style, which shows all the traces relating to the entered keyword, complete with all information such as duration, bit rate, speed and the search engine used. To switch to this interface, just click in the search bar and select Traditional research, from which we can also select Complete albums to listen to entire albums.


Once we find the track we are looking for, we can listen to it by double-clicking directly on Songr or on our default player with right click and click on Play (external), finally buy it from Amazon, eMusic, iTune, Zune or Rhapsody. Obviously it is also possible to download the tracks, using the right button and Download.

Remember that downloading music with copyright is illegal. We don't want to entice music downloads illegally, but simply to present software that can be useful in many ways.

Songr also offers many other options, such as web search or YouTube, show concerts, or even show the text if it is available through the appropriate buttons at the bottom, or even the download from YouTube (File-> Download from YouTube) and the text search to find the title of a track (top button). Finally among the search results, it is also possible view video.

In my opinion, the application is very useful for listening to music, a good alternative to YouTube, especially if the ADSL connection is quite slow. The main use is in fact the listening and I must say that you feel the lack of a Playlist in which to add all the favorite tracks and listen to them without going to look for track by track.

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