Discovering the functions of CyanogenMod: today we talk about personalization

Welcome back! In the last article we talked about the Cyanogen team's high attention to security to its users, today we see a much requested topic in the field of Android modding (and not) that is the customization of ROM.


We see below the Pre-installed apps on the CyanogenMod 11

  • Trebuchet Launcher
  • CyanogenMod FileManager (with root access)
  • Torch (with a variety of interesting options)
  • Superuser (not SuperSU)
  • Terminal Emulator
  • DSP Manager
  • Apollo

Trebuchet Launcher: is the default CyanogenMod launcher installed in CM 11, I don't really appreciate it, it is still to be improved but it has a great variety of options to customize it. However, I repeat it is not stable at 100%. I suggest to download “Starting applications Now".

Trebuchet(image source: HDBlog)

CyanogenMod FileManager (with root access): it's great, nothing to say, it allows you to activate the safe mode in the settings and prevent less experienced people using our phone from "playing" with the system files. has the Play Store style drawer on the right and allows you to create quick links to the system root ("/" folder), to the / system folder, to internal memory and to external storage (SD card).

Screenshot_2014-04-28-20-32-10 FileManager settings
drawer filemanager

 Torch: the torch that also acts as a "disco". It has strobe and high brightness features. both very useful. Nothing to say, excellent since there was CM 6

Torch CM

Superuser: integrated root permission manager, however I recommend installing SuperSU of Chainfire for better management.

Terminal Emulator: Linux shell lovers? Well, thanks to Terminal Emulator you can also use it on your Android, just enter the "su" command to access the root permissions. Install BusyBox to take advantage of various functions including tar decompression.


DSPManager: An equalizer with bows: the bass is very strong, it is possible to activate the dynamic range compression for a better sound management, the bass amplification works well and the equalizer also. With DSPManager you can optimize Bluetooth devices, Headphones, Dock connected to the phone, and phone speakers.


Apollo: Present from CyanogenMod 9 is the default music player in the ROM, nice feature of being able to customize it with various themes. If you don't like it, the better alternative remains Google Play Music


What to say, the more we go forward, the more CyanogenMod improves ... we hope for continuous improvement!

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