How to discover a private number

Discover a private number nowadays it has become very simple. In an old article I had already reported a very useful application to discover a private number, but over time the app has unfortunately become a paid app.

discover a private number

It was the old and good one Whooming, which with a simple call forwarding gave the possibility of discover a private number with the sole action of hanging up - rather than answering - during reception anonymous calls.

It worked very well, but with the updates it started to ask first sharing on Facebook to discover the private number, secondly to have a real money credit to unlock the number.

The apps, however, are constantly evolving and every day there seems to be something new, a new app that is essential for dealing with any type of problem. And as for the problem of anonymous calls, the current best alternative to Whooming è WoozThat.

WoozThat, at present, is the best free app to discover a private number. The configuration is quick and easy and does not require an Internet connection for this to work, which however is required both to receive the private number as a notification in the notification area and to access the application.

How to discover a private number

To discover a private number with WoozThat, first you need to install: WoozThat is available for both Android and iOS and you can download it from the following badges.

App to discover a private number on Android

Developer: Noatel Europe Ltd
Price: Free+

App to discover a private number on iOS

Developer: Noatel Europe
Price: Free+

After installation a short animated tutorial will start that will explain how to configure and how WoozThat will work. At the end you will find a screen where you will have to choose the country, your operator and your phone number; fill in these fields and save, WoozThat will perform the registration of your new account and the configuration in a few seconds, which consists in setting the forwarding of the call to the number 0910845200.

Once you have set up call forwarding to this number, you will be able to find out the private number simply by rejecting the anonymous call. This action will only transfer the call of the anonymous caller to 0910845200, which will record the real number and send it to us shortly after, visible in full within the app.

Note: when an anonymous call is received, a popup will be shown to inform you that the number has been captured and the "identify" button to reject the call. You can choose not to show it anymore, as it is sufficient to refuse with the classic key.

At the end of the configuration it is important to do a test to check that everything is working: type * # ** 67 11 # in your phone's dialer and call; a message on the screen will show the number on which call forwarding is set, which I remember must be 0910845200.

Then try another phone: dial # 31 # if you call from smartphone or * 67 # if you call from home, followed by your number, then reject the call as soon as the phone rings. If after a few minutes you receive the notification with the number you used, your phone is correctly configured.

The WoozThat application to discover a private number is free and ad-free, has a very simple interface and few, but good, options. Exactly there are two: one is needed to check if call forwarding is active, the other option is for reject incoming calls from anonymous numbers automatically. The latter will ensure that the anonymous call received is hung up almost instantly, so that the one who calls us does not have time to hang up first; very useful in case of annoying short rings.

The one who will make the anonymous call will not notice anything and a few minutes later, if connected to the Internet, WoozThat will send us a notification with the number of whoever called with the anonymous! All numbers from which we will receive anonymous calls will be registered and saved within the application, and the contact name will be shown if this is present in our address book.

This application to discover the private number is quite new and in continuous development. With the updates, battery consumption has been improved, but some factors must be considered: at the moment on dual SIM devices, it can only work with the SIM used during installation; some numbers starting with 377 cannot complete the recording.

Also find out how not to pay call alerts: reactivates recall for free on all operators

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