Screen Locker: we protect our photos from prying eyes

How many times did you hand over our smartphone to a friend to see a photo? many times it happens that our friend, voluntarily or unintentionally with a simple slide, can view other images present in the gallery that we would like to keep hidden, to avoid the problem an XDA user has created an application that allows you to block the screen of our smartphone disabling the input of the touch: in this way it will be impossible for any person using the smartphone to scroll through the photos of the gallery or to perform other operations, it will only be able to display the screen preset by us until, through a gesture preset by us, we will unlock the terminal .


To install the application, simply download the apk directly from the xda link and install it via a file manager.
At the first start we set the unlock gesture and check the option "use ongoing notification", Now it will be enough to open an image from our gallery and using"click to lock screen”Present in the notification drop-down menu we can block the screen.

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