Would you like to write articles online? Work with us and make money!

Would you like to write articles online and make money with what you are most passionate about? Take advantage of our collaboration, below you will find all the info and necessary requirements.

InTheBit is a blog born a few years ago, founded by two friends with the intention of sharing our knowledge and passions with an audience that, to date, exceeds hundreds of thousands of readers. During this time, several authors have contributed for free to the project with their guides but from today we have thought about sharing our earnings with the new authors!

You will not get rich, the earnings generated by banner ads are not high. However, you can have good satisfaction, unlike what happens with Android applications or other online services that promise high payments, when in reality they have unattainable payouts and, despite this, generate very few cents.

We have worked hard to make the site very fast in loading and to optimize it in Google searches; easily your articles will be placed in the first pages or even among the first results of Google. With more authors the growth of the blog will be faster and consequently the earnings will be too.

Rules and guidelines for authors

All those who are passionate about our themes (Android, Linux, PC, Internet and technology in general), who like to share their passion, their advice and their experiences with less experienced readers, will be welcomed in a very simple and intuitive way.

The author will choose what and how often to write, moreover he will have to respect some rules:

  • Copying of articles from other sites is strictly prohibited
  • Good command of the Italian language
  • It is forbidden to create promotional links within the articles

We are looking for people with our same passion and good will. There is no obligation on the number of articles to be written, but a very low number of articles will only partially result in the division of earnings.

Anyone wishing to be part of InTheBit can attach a post of about 300 words by email. This will only serve to assess skills; it will be published ONLY if the author is accepted in our team.

Are interested? Send me an email

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