TV series streaming in Italian for free

Tired of having to search your favorite TV series in streaming among dozens of sites full of advertisements? Then you're in the right place! With this guide you will discover how to see all the TV shows without limits from any device, be it a TV, a computer, a Mac, a tablet or an Android smartphone.

The solution is Kodi, previously called XBMC, a free and open source program that serves as a media center. Born for Xbox is now available on any platform and operating system and is the most popular media center thanks to all the features offered.

One of the most useful ones concerns the possibility of installing add-ons, that is extensions to get new functions and in this guide we will talk about this, that is a particular add-on that puts at our complete disposal all TV series in Italian for free.

First you need to install Kodi for your operating system. As already mentioned, it is available for every platform, including Raspberry Pi and iOS. As long as the last one has the jailbreak.

Kodi | Download

Configure Kodi in Italian

After installation, you can set Kodi in Italian in just a few steps: open the last menu, ie System, then click on Apparance and finally on International. Now on the right, click on the first entry Language and search Italian. Set the Region to Italy and configures the following items to get the exact time.

TV series streaming in Italian

Now that Kodi is configured in Italian, we can move on to the installation of the add-on necessary for watching any TV series. Come on Simpson ai Griffin, from Arrow a Flash, from The throne of swordsGomorra the series and so on. The add-on is called sMyTvShow and is available via the following link.

sMyTvShow | Download

Remember the path where you downloaded it and go back to Kodi to install and enable it, following these simple steps:

  • Go to System
  • Select Add-on
  • Choose Install from a zip file

Now move to the path where you downloaded sMyTvShow, then select it and wait for it to be installed. The installation will be very fast (one minute maximum) and at the end you will be notified by a popup at the bottom right.

How to watch TV series on Kodi

Now that the add-on has been installed, you can start watching all the TV series without configuring anything. In fact, just go up Video -> Add-On -> sMyTvShow. 3 menus are available here: Video channels, Global search e Più popolari.

The first collects some online streaming sites and by accessing it you can do research on them or see the latest episodes uploaded. The second allows you to do a global search of the TV series on all sites and the last, finally, will show the most viewed ones. Once you have found the show you want, you have to choose which site to view it through, select the season and episode to watch, and finally choose the service from those available: SpeedVideo, NowVideo, VidTo, OpenLoad and so on.


Some of these links may be 'broken'; in this case, just try another one.

It is even possible that all links on a particular site are. Just go back and try another site

How to use Kodi with television

Although Kodi is a program available for all operating systems, it remains the problem for those who do not have one Smart TV. In this case with a few dozen euros the problem can be solved by a Android TV box. A good box can be Mini M8S II, available with Android 6 and 2 GB of RAM at around 35 €.

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Download TV series

For those wishing, a second add-on is available with which you can watch and download episodes or entire TV series and movies. Research is a little more difficult, but with a little patience you can find the movie, or TV series, to see. The add-on is called Stream on demand, installs as explained above and starts via the add-ons in the Video menu.

Stream on demand | Download

To download it, click on the first link, or on, where xxx indicates the plugin version (or add-on). After choosing the movie or series to watch, clicking on it will show various items, including one to download the TV series (or movie).

TV series download

How to control Kodi from Android

Looking at a series on the PC, perhaps comfortably in bed or on the sofa, it could be really uncomfortable getting up to change the episode or perform any other action. Fortunately, there is a solution free, Yatse, an application for Android able to perfectly control Kodi from your smartphone.

Yatse: Kodi Remote Control
Yatse: Kodi Remote Control
Developer: Tolriq
Price: Free+

In order for it to work, both the PC (or any other device in use) and the smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network, and Kodi must be configured as follows:

  • apri System -> Services
  • At the bottom left, click on Settings Level until it appears Expert
  • apri UPnP / DLNA is active Share my bookcases
  • Pass to Web Server, then active Allow remote control via HTTP, leave the port on 8080 and set a username and password
  • Go up Remote Control and activates both entries
  • Finally go up Zeroconf is active Announce services to other devices

Now start Yatse from your smartphone, which will search for all active devices with Kodi. As soon as you find your PC (or other device), it will ask you to put the port, username and password; use those set previously and in a few moments you can check your media center. 😉

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Did you know Kodi and this add-on to watch streaming TV series? Or do you know other methods? Let us know 😉

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