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We often need to share an application with a friend, or simply want to send it to our PC, and to do that we should first look for it in the play store and then share the link. Sometimes it can also happen that the application is not available because it is not compatible, while instead it can work or even worse, the app is removed from the Play Store. In a previous article I had found a solution thanks to an application that, rather than sending apps, can radically modify them and needs ROOT permissions to work.

To simply send an application, I found a small app instead, Share Apps, which lists all the applications on the device, user and system, and allows you to send them via Bluetooth, Email, Facebook, Drive, Dropbox, etc. Of course, system apps sent to different ROMs may not work.

Share Apps, as well as sending apk allows you to create backups, move applications and reach the application page directly. The backups will be saved in / SDcard / App-Share. It is also possible to order apps by name, size or date, and, thanks to multiple selection, send multiple applications at the same time.

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