Tune the dish with an App

door-unit-_Modem-for-KA-SAT_Copyright_EutelsatOne of the many positive aspects of technology is that of being able to make even the most complex operations simple. One of these is the tuning of a satellite antenna, which until a few years ago was an exclusive competence of the experts in the sector. Today anyone can be able to point a dish, because to do so a smartphone with the right app is enough.

Therefore, tuning a parable is no longer a prohibitive task, far from it. Also know that in case of problems you can always turn to customer service, finding the right phone number right away thanks to sites like iltrovanumeri.it, through which you can clear up doubts and resolve any problems. To reach a perfect tuning of the satellite dish, it is better to know some basic notions concerning satellites.

The latter are located roughly 36 thousand kilometers from the Earth, within the geo-stationary orbit; the area they occupy is perpendicular to the equator. The direction in which the parabola must point is obtained from a value that is expressed in degrees and is defined as "azimuth". The second value that must be considered in order to find the satellite is its elevation, which varies from satellite to satellite. Once these two values ​​have been obtained, adjustments can be made.

Being able to get the two values ​​we need may seem like a complex matter, but you are wrong: just a smartphone to complete the operation. Thanks to applications like Satellite Finder, in fact, it is possible to find precisely the satellite to which to point our dish. In general, apps of this type rely on Google Maps for their surveys and in this way they can identify with absolute precision the house where the satellite dish is installed.

The satellites to bet, usually, are different and you can choose between the various Astra, HotBird, Sirius, Cosmos, Thor and others. Once the application is open, in the space provided, the address of the home where the dish has been installed must be entered and then click on the confirmation button. Automatically Google Maps it will be positioned above the house, displaying it from above.

Then you need to choose the right satellite: after clicking, the coordinates for tuning will appear next to it. The cardinal point will be displayed, towards which to direct the parabola, and then the degree of elevation, ie how many degrees the parabola must be inclined to stay in line with the satellite. With the information provided by the app, it will be possible to tune the dish.

Before enjoying the fruits of our work, however, checks are needed to understand if we have done a good job. It is therefore necessary to detect the signal coming from the satellite and, in the case, it will be necessary to make small changes to the values ​​to improve reception. Our home method requires verification to pass through the digital receiver. The goodness of the signal can be verified by the bars for visual feedback: if they are at maximum, the signal is excellent.

With this system, in short, you can aim the dish with extreme comfort and with a substantial saving. The available apps are different - from Easysat to Isat, via DishLoc and DishPointer - and can be downloaded from the PlayStore.

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