Dozens of Cubot smartphones at the lowest prices on the web!

From today to 10:00 you can find dozens of Cubot smartphone (and related accessories) on offer for a limited time, or up to the same time as 4 November. Altogether they all fall within a range to anyone affordable, in fact the offer provides all the smartphone less than 160 euro, while the cheapest costs barely 54 €! All offers can be viewed here.


In the foreground we immediately see the CUBOTA X16 and CUBOTA X15, two well-made smartphones sold respectively at around 110 e 120 €. The features are quite similar for both, let's see them together with what differentiates them: both mount an MTK6735 64 bit CPU, Quad Core with 1.3GHz frequency, with 2GB of RAM and a Mali T720 graphics processor; on both we find Android Lollipop 5.1 and on Antutu the score is very similar (obviously): 25000 points about. The internal memory is of 16 GB, expandable through the dedicated SIM slots (one microphone, a dwarf). Unfortunately it will be possible to use two SIMs or just one SIM and the micro SD at the same time. Slots are placed at the edges, so we have non-removable batteries. The latter have different capacities, the Cubot X15 takes the lead, which mounts one 2750 mAh, in spite of the 2500 mAh of the Cubot X16.
Turning to the display, we have a 5 ″ 2.5D JDI for Cubot X16 against i 5.5 ″ 2.5D IPS . older brother, with the exact same resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixel. FHD both panels, but it is clear that the Cubot X16 will have a higher pixel density thanks to the smaller diagonal: PPI 441 vs PPI 400 dell'X15


Now analyzing the photographic sector, we note that here Cubot X15 has the best thanks to the two 8 and 16 MP cameras. Those of Cubot X16 reach the same megapixels only thanks to theinterpolation: the actual ones are 5 e 13 MP; both devices are equipped with a double LED flash. Another difference lies in the focal ratio: f / 1.8 (back) ed f / 2.0 (front) for Cubot X15; f / 2.2 for both Cubot X16 cameras.

cubot-x16 cubot-x15

No difference, however, with regard to the connectivity: both support 4G including 800 MHz frequency, both have HotKnot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and WiFi. The notification LED on X15 is missing, present instead on X16 and the keys are not backlit on either of them. The dimensions of the X16 are 14.3 x 6.9 x 0.62 cm for a total weight of 162 grams, perhaps a little excessive, while on X15 the dimensions are 15.3 x 7.3 x 0.69 cm for a weight of suns 150 grams.


These are the two most interesting devices in my opinion, but as already mentioned there are so many on offer, like the Cubot H1 with a battery from 5200 mAh e Quick Charge about 110 € or the good old man Cubot X12 to 83 euro just to give some examples. Find these and all other devices a This Page, which, by clicking on the smartphone that best suits you, will take you to the corresponding purchase pages. The offer begins today at 10:00 and ends at 9:59 . 4 November.

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