Smartphones and Xiaomi accessories on offer!

Xiaomi is having a great success, this is obvious; in a very short time it has made its way among the various manufacturers seeing its sales grow exponentially and, consequently, its earnings.

To promote this growth were the excellent devices in the market: in fact, the policy of Xiaomi is in the sale of smartphones at a reasonable price, then proposing an alternative Market to the Play Store, which fruit several million dollars.

However, the target of Xiaomi is the East, in fact it is difficult to buy here in Italy if not from unofficial stores. Added to this is the problem of taxes, which are driving up prices.
Fortunately, there are various e-stores that offer excellent offers, without taking advantage of the final cost. One of them is Everbuying, which offers various Smartphones and Xiaomi accessories at unbeatable prices!

Here are, in my opinion, the best offers of the moment:

  • Xiaomi Piston 3: the earphones marked Xiaomi. On the various stores they even exceed the 30 €. Here you find them at less than Euro 19.

  • Power Bank: power bank from 10400 mAh at approx 14 Euros.

  • Gamepad (controller): A controller to play, compatible with Android Smartphones and Tablets and Mi TVs a 22 Euros.

  • Xiaomi Yi Camera: the brand new camera a 88 Euros.

  • Xiaomi Mi4: Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, 5 ″ a 307 Euros.

As already mentioned, these are the ones I prefer. Obviously there are many others and you can find them in the this page. Here are some previews

  • Xiaomi Mi Pad from 226 Euro
  • Xiaomi Note 4G at 446 Euro
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2 at 130 Euro
  • Batteries at around 8 Euro
  • Xiaomi MiBand at 16 Euro
  • WiFi router at 28 Euro
  • Xiaomi XiaoYi Camera at 30 Euro

What do you think of these prices? Let us know!

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