Redmi Smartphone with 64 MP: first photo sample [PHOTO]

Yesterday Redmi, through its own social profiles, invited its users to stay active today as the company would have issued an important announcement on a new device. This morning, in fact, the company owned by Xiaomi he surprised everyone by posting a first photo sample from a new device Redmi with 64 Megapixel camera!

Smartphone Redmi with 64 MP: first photo sample

The announcement was really unexpected even though a smartphone with 64 Megapixel was already in the future plans of Xiaomi. Redmi, however, it could be the first company in the world to present a device with such a powerful photographic sensor, burning such companies over time Samsung, Realme it's the same Xiaomi. On Weibo, this morning, the company posted the first photo sample of the sensor that has a cat as its subject.

Redmi with 64 MP the first photographic teaser

Technically the image posted on the social networks of Redmi it cannot be considered a real photographic sample. The interesting thing, though, is the quality of the zoom that is shown on the cat's eye. Obviously a sensor from 64 Megapixel allows a very high image quality and detail, as shown by the illustrative image used to present the sensor.

Redmi, at this point, could seriously become the first smartphone company to bring a device with sensor from 64 Megapixel since it was also the first, for now, to announce its production. Xiaomi, which was indicated as the company ready to release the sensor on the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, could leave this trophy to the small Redmi.

Now, therefore, all the attention moves to this new smartphone Redmi with 64 Megapixel camera. A release date has not yet been launched by the company, in reality not even a period, but surely its arrival is not very far.


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