Xiaomi Smartphones and other discounted devices on Everbuying.

The moment has arrived that many of you have been waiting impatiently for, the sales on Xiaomi smartphones and many other devices and accessories!

It is now established that the Chinese home in question gives birth to excellent devices at an incredibly competitive price, and today we are pleased to give you the good news: many Xiaomi-branded smartphones, tablets and accessories are available at a price that we can consider the lowest on the web at the moment, so without wasting any more time here here the official promo page that the most impatient can visit right away, while we take a closer look at the relevant offers.

Xiaomi Note 2 Redmire

At the really paltry price of 154 € we have the possibility to buy one Xiaomi Note 2 Redmire, one of the latest arrivals at Xiaomi, which stands out for the new SoC used: Helio X10. This is a device designed for high performance, and thanks to his 8 core at frequency 2.2 GHz it does its job very well, but that's not all, because RedMi uses well 2 gigabyte of RAM, 32 gigabytes of ROM and a dual camera: front from 5 MP and back from 13 MP; in other words, top-of-the-range specifications, if you wish I could also mention the display Full HD from 5.5”And the battery from 3060 mAh, but perhaps you have already realized that this is a bargain not to be missed.

Xiaomi Mi4

At the price of 184 € we find the smartphone that made the history of Xiaomi and that contributed greatly to increase its prestige, you know exactly who I mean, don't you? Obviously allo Xiaomi Mi4 which proudly mounts one Snapdragon 801 and with his 4 core can reach frequencies equal to 2.5 GHz, but what makes it a great device even today is i 3 gigabyte of RAM, the enviable photographic sector (8 MP front room e 13 MP rear chamber), i infrared and the battery from 3080 mAh. Finally we have an 5 display ″ with an FHD resolution from 1920 × 1080 pixels, all in just 150 grams.

Xiaomi Mi4i

If we talk about Mi4 we cannot avoid talking about his successor: lo Xiaomi Mi4i, available at the price of 226 € with its Snapdragon 615, 8 core to 1.7 Ghz, 2 gigabyte of RAM, 32 gigabyte of ROM and battery from 3120 mAh. If you are a worthy successor to Mi4, you will judge it, I will just add that the photographic sector of which it is equipped proposes a front room from 5 MP and a back from 13 MP.

For other offers, I refer you to promo page, don't stop at the devices but also take a look at the accessories: Xiaomi Piston, Mi Band, Power Bank and much more discounted until October 27!

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