On Xiaomi smartphones it will no longer be possible to install global roms!

Here we are, the news that unfortunately many had expected became reality. The administrators of Xiaomi, on forum MIUI, announced that it will no longer be possible to switch from a MIUI China ROM to Global and vice versa without unlocking the bootloader, as we used to do.

On the forum theimportant Notice was announced yesterday; dozens of users disappointed by the new Xiaomi policy and the late announcement, because of bricking for many smartphones.

xiaomi impossible to switch from ROM China to Global

Nothing alarming, mind you. As long as there is the possibility of unlocking the bootloader it will always be possible to install a custom ROM MIUI and then obtain Google and Italian services. But this further step towards the internationalization of the brand with the division of markets, however, leads us to inevitable reflections: should we turn to some other emerging brand for super prices and reliable products?

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