Super offers for 4 days: Smartphones starting from 40 Euro!

No, it's not a joke, you read the title well and it's a promotion of the well-known Chinese store GearBest. This indeed performs 2 years and, despite his young age, he enjoyed great success. On the occasion of this anniversary, e-commerce will propose various products with super discounts, to which will be added other price reductions under certain conditions.

For example buying with PayPal the price of the items in the cart will suffer a reduction of 3%, while for expenses exceeding 50, 100 or 150 $ you will receive a discount of 2, 3 or 5%! The well-known company will also participate in this event Intel, which will offer its devices at a lower price; until the promotion begins, these devices will not be known.

The super discounted devices every day will obviously be limited, only the lucky ones will have the chance to take home one of the available 10, but you might as well try! At the moment some of the offers concern the good Cubot Note S a 40 Euros, Ulephone Paris a 63 Euros, a printer to print on 43 Euro objects and other devices.


As soon as the promotion officially begins, at about 18: today's 00, will be revealed all the other products on offer, which you can easily view by scrolling the promotional page that you find at this link. All offers will be divided into categories (smartphone, tablet, TV box, etc.) and by brand.

Finally, always on the same page, find a nice game where you will have to "cut a cake", and choose up to 3 slices; if you're lucky, you could win several GB points (which is equivalent to a discount), up to a total of 20.000 points (about 400 $ off) or even one Xiaomi Note 3 Redmire!

Shipping costs are free and - where present - choose shipping method Italy Express to avoid customs. If there is no shipping method, I suggest you choose Netherlands Post and in about 20 days you will have your parcel without customs fees 🙂

The promotion will last from today 21 March (starts at 18: 00) until 25 March. Good luck and good shopping! | Promotion link

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