Super discounts on smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and much more!

The shop Everbuying completes 7 years, and for the occasion has decided to celebrate by lowering the prices of many items: Android smartphones, smartwatches, drones and much more, products that already have an excellent quality / price ratio, and that until March 30 they will be even more convenient.

But the good news does not end there: for products not in promotion there is one 25 $ discount if you place an order for 250 $ e 20 $ discount for orders higher than 300 $ using the coupon code "Everbuying30".

Here are some of the most interesting offers:

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini Router


The quality of Xiaomi is now well known even here in the West, given the great success achieved outside China thanks to impeccably qualitative products, with an attractive design (Apple style) and reasonable prices.
It is a compact router, from the contained dimensions to be able to be transported comfortably when needed. Dual channel, with support for the latest transmission protocol 802.11ac which makes this xiaomi 3 times faster than a normal wireless router with a transmission speed up to 1167Mbps. It is also possible connect the hard disk via micro USB and access files via network devices, to end up not praising the design, inspired (to say the least :-)) to the Apple Trackpad, in short, a great deal at 25 € especially when compared to the competition.


And here is one of the best MicroSDs on the market, capacious e fast (the transfer speed is 48MB / s), class 10 UHS-1, a only 16 €.
Choosing an excellent microSD card will ensure greater reliability and faster read / write operations. I strongly recommend the purchase if you usually use the external memory of the smartphone to install the app, with this Samsung memory you will be assured of great performance greatly reducing the execution of apps and uploading of multimedia files compared to a few euros microSD card.

For more information, or to purchase it, click here.

Syma X5C Drone with HD camera

The drone Syme X5C deserves a place in this short list given its features and the price (lower than 50 €), an interesting technological gem that has already attracted much attention, on youtube you will find many positive reviews of the drone that boasts a camera from 2Mpx e an 6 axis stabilizer which will allow you to make excellent video footage. Recommended for beginners and experts, for more information here is an exhaustive video review in Italian and a video in which the video shooting in flight is tested.

Info and purchase here.

to consult all the offers just go to the site in the page dedicated to the 7 anniversary.

Good shopping to all!

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