Teclast X16 Pro: Win 10 + Android tablet 5.1, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM

We have often talked about Teclast, Chinese tablet manufacturer, now known precisely for its cheap tablets with Android but also - and above all - for dual boot tablets with Android and Windows. But what I want to talk about today cannot be placed among the cheapest tablets. It is about Teclast X16 Pro, which however is noteworthy thanks to the excellent components that characterize it - as you will have seen from the title. To be sure, there is an even more advanced version but, consequently, also more expensive.

Teclast X16 Pro

Features Teclast X16 Pro

Before seeing all the components mounted on Teclast X16 Pro, I want to report a review, unfortunately in English, which is located at this link.

The real differences between Teclast X16 Pro and the advanced version, Teclast X16 Power, I'm just three: we talk about RAM, CPU and GPS. On the first model we have a cutting da 4 GB of RAM, processor Intel Cherry Trail T4-Z8500 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz and there is no GPS; as for the variant, instead, we have even well 8 GB of RAM, processor Intel Cherry Trail x7-Z8700 64bit Quad Core 1.6GHz and GPS. Both CPUs have boosts up to 2.4GHz and Intel Gen8 GPUs. The rest of the hardware, appearance, etc. are identical for both models and up Antutu total about 52000 points.

Teclast X16 Pro features

The internal memory available is quite wide, let's talk about 64 GB Expandable to 128 but, at the moment, it is not clear how it was partitioned between the two operating systems, ie Android 5.1 e Windows 10. To switch between the two systems, there is an application on both. The battery is from 32300 mWh, which should be about 8500 mAh. The review talks about just 4 hours of screen turned on Android and more than 5 hours on Windows. Teclast declares 8 hours of use after a full charge, which takes approx 3 hours.

Teclast X16 Pro's display is IPS and measures 11.6 ″ with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, therefore 190 PPI. It is equipped with accelerometer, Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI, OTG, USB 3.0 and has the following dimensions: 30.3 x 18.53 x 1.05 cm and a weight of 600 grams. An interesting aspect is the above-average 5 MP rear camera; the front one is instead 2 MP. Here are some “stolen” shots on techtablets.com.

Teclast X16 Pro photo Teclast X16 Pro photo Teclast X16 Pro

Two other interesting aspects, which complete and transform Teclast X16 Pro, are the active stylus pen (sensitive to 256 different pressure levels) and the dedicated keyboard. The bad thing is that the latter only has one angle of inclination. Both the stylus and the keyboard are to be purchased separately for Teclast X16 Pro; while the variant Power includes the keyboard in the price.

Teclast X16 Pro Stylus Teclast X16 Pro Keyboard
  • Teclast X16 Pro it is found at 263.64 € on GearBest with free shipping and only available in black. | Shop
  • If your needs require a more advanced Tablet instead, you can find it Teclast X16 Power a 344.11 € with free shipping and keyboard included! | Shop
  • The keyboard, which also includes the case, has a price of 26.40 €. | Shop
  • Finally, the stylus has a price of 15.27 €. | Shop

What do you think about this tablet and the value for money? Let us know with a comment!

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