Telegram and WhatsApp: new vulnerability found for multimedia files

La end-to-end encryption in the chats of WhatsApp e Telegram, secures our chats without being spied on, but does not seem so reliable when it comes to storing files on the external memory. To say so are gods researchers from Symantec, a world leader in computer security, who has discovered some hacker access (and compromise) the files sent both to WhatsApp that Telegram, via malware installed on your smartphone.

telegram whatsapp vulnerability media files


What exactly happens?

As we know, su WhatsApp for Android we can choose whether to save images, videos, audio recordings or even documents received in the external memory, instead on Telegram we can save the files using the "Save to gallery" setting. And it is precisely when we go to save the files on the external memory that some attackers, thanks to malware, have the possibility to access and manipulate received files.

So whoever saves photos, videos or documents in the external memory of the smartphone is potentially at risk of an attack by hackers (or better cracker) and in doing so will endanger one's own privacy. What can happen to the received files can be seen in the following 2 videos

Since the problem was exposed, the Telegram leaders have not yet added any comments about it, while a Whatsapp spokesman said that the company is currently using the best storage system offered by Android and that it will continue to update its app with future Android updates.

Currently we do not know when the problem will be definitively solved.


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