ADSL terminal test

Hands up who has never tested the speed of their internet connection! And surely the most used service for this operation is, but for Ubuntu owners (and derivatives), the test can be done directly from the terminal, using The installation, as well as the use, is easy and fast, so let's see immediately how to do it.

First of all we install the necessary packages:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ sudo pip install speedtest-cli

so let's test our speed immediately

$  speedtest-cli

and after a few seconds we will get the result:


If we wanted to share a screenshot of our test, we can type in the terminal

$  speedtest - share

and at the end of the usual test, we will also be shown an address to share the image of our test.

Finally, to update just type in the following line

$  sudo pip install speedtest-cli --upgrade


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