Timely for free!

Google buys Timely (or rather the whole team), one of the most beautiful alarm clock applications appreciated by users on the Play Store!

Timely is an alternative alarm clock (which has also earned a place in the list of the best 10 apps) with a unique and revolutionary graphic interface available in free and paid version. This version, which in recent days had been discounted or could be obtained by sharing the app itself, allows for greater customization. In fact, it is possible to synchronize all the alarms on multiple devices, have a dozen more themes or create your own and many ringtones among which it is difficult to choose one. Thanks to Google now all these features are free and to have them just install or update the application and you can use the following link. | Download in English

No word yet on how much Google has paid to hire the team Bitspin, app developers, but surely we will soon see a new interface in Android's cute stock application which has undergone changes in both Android 4.2 and Android 4.4. Meanwhile Timely will still remain on the Play Store but most likely will not receive updates anymore.

Timely1 Timely2 Timely3
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