[Tips & Tricks] Remove Android update notification

A few days ago the persistent update notification to android 4.4.2 on the screen of my smartphone: a Nexus 4 with stock rom where I enabled root permissions and flashed CWM recovery, having a custom recovery is quite risky to perform an OTA update, so I decided to cancel the notification but being persistent it is not possible to delete it directly from the notification drop-down, here's how:

The service that takes care of notifying this type of update is called Google Services Framework, it's enough revoke to this service the permission to make notifications in the statusbar:

  • system settings -> App
  • move to the tab "ALL"
  • in the list select Google Service framework
  • finally remove the tick from the box "Show notifications"
google-service google-service-framework

This applies to Android Stock: if you do not have a Nexus or a Google Edition device, it is likely that the name of the service is different from the Google Service Framework, but unfortunately I cannot confirm it.

Obviously if you are aware of the name of the service equivalent to Google Service Framework for your smartphone I invite you to indicate it in the comments so as to integrate further information for the various devices.

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