[Rumor] Tizen and Firefox: a valuable alliance to counter Android and IOS

Tizen, the new operating system created by Samsung in collaboration with the world's largest technology companies could acquire a further and important partner: Mozilla.

Wonsuk Lee, head of the Samsung secretariat, during a conference on html5, said he was very interested in a collaboration with Mozilla: it must be specified that it is Firefox OS and Tizen are based on html5 standard and other opensource standards, in summary applications developed for Firefox OS may also work on Tizen and vice versa ensuring greater development for both operating systems.

Recall that the development of Tizen is supported by large companies such as: Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Panasonic, McAfee and many other partners; will they be able to create an operating system that can compete with Android and IOS?

The intention of Samsung is to acquire more control over the software of its terminals, often its top of the range despite having a hardware at the top turn out to be “castrated” compared to competitors due to the excessive heaviness of the customizations that it inserts in Android .

how do you see the future of Tizen?

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