Top 10 best Android apps - December

Here we are at the end of the month and also at the end of the year, so in addition to making a list of the 10 applications that I found interesting and useful during this month (and not), I take this opportunity to wish a happy new year from InTheBit to all our readers

This is a list I thought I'd make every month, but unfortunately last month I have not tried so many applications I forgot to do it, so let's see those from this month, plus you can take a look at those from September e October.


10. Motiongraph for Xperia

Motiongraph for Xperia is an application to take pictures and create animations from them, for the whole photo or for some areas. I recently made a review that you can reach by clicking on the title of this paragraph Download

9. Awaaz

Awaaz allows you to call those who use this application for free using P2P networks and guarantees a very limited use of data. To call you don't need to log in to the app every time, but just use the Android dialer.
If I put it in this position it's only because I haven't had a chance to test it properly yet. | Download

8. Share Apps

The best way to send apps to friends via email, bluetooth, etc. This app has also been reviewed and you can reach it via the title. | removed

7. Text and File Hider Plus

One of the first apps I reviewed. This app through a widget pretends to notify the battery statistics, but in reality you can access a hidden password menu where you can hide almost everything!
It deserves the first place! | Download

6. Wakelock Detector

Another application reviewed during the birth of the blog! The application to check which services, processes and applications 'wake up' our device more frequently or with irregularities. By controlling display, processor and kernel, it therefore allows you to save and significantly increase battery life. | Download

5. File Manager (Explorer)

One of the best File Managers, not that I have tried many and perhaps because this satisfied me right away. It is complete with everything: it is possible to reproduce any format directly from the application; arrange the files by list or icons and sort them by name, type, etc .; select multiple files simultaneously; search, rename, move, view file preview and much more. It's free and the ads don't disturb at all, but above all I find it very useful for two particular functions: it's possible manage root permissions directly from the application e set a Home folder of your choice, or select which path will be shown when the application opens, thus avoiding showing root folders in case the mobile phone falls into the wrong hands. | Download

4. Ringdroid

A free and open source application, reviewed just yesterday, which allows you to cut audio tracks and create notifications, alarms and custom ringtones! It is worth trying. In the review article you will also find the Social version! | Download

3. Loopr

Loopr is an application very similar to the famous one Switchr or an app to manage multitasking. Through the settings you need to set the side margins from which you can access all the open apps, which will be displayed in a semicircle. In addition to this it is possible to customize the app, changing color or some effects, but as in all applications the most interesting features are paid. With the pro version in fact you have access to the modification of the icons, the animation of the app opening and the preview of the app before opening. Unfortunately only these features have a price of 1,98€ which in my opinion is a bit excessive. | Download


2. Orbot

Orbot, which was reviewed a few months ago, allows you to browse anonymously through proxies via the browser recommended by it, Orweb, or through any browser by setting it up appropriately. Orbot is the respective Android application of Tor for PC and find more information by clicking the title of this paragraph. | Download

1. Grooveshark

This application has a large collection of music that we can stream for free and without any limits. We can get into other people's broadcasts and listen to the proposed music or search for the songs and artists that interest us. Searching for an artist, the songs, entire albums and playlists of other users will come out and we can queue and listen until we get tired. The application is also available on website to this link. | Removed from the Play Store

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