Top 10 best Android apps - September

We conclude this month with a list of the best android apps free which we have tested so far. Being September a month that starts work, school, university, etc., a good part of the applications will be of type management

10. Snapseed

This is the quintessential app for those who love taking photos with their mobile phone. An application from 4,7 stars on a play store that allows you to edit your photos to the maximum. Automatic corrections or selective corrections, filter applications, cuts etc plus dozens of amazing effects! Once tried, you can't do without it. | Download

9. Google Currents


Google Currents is a great application from Casa Google, useful for reading the sites we love the most. Just open the application and select the sites that will be divided by type of news such as economy, science, entertainment or read the latest news in general. A widget is also available that looks like the overlap of multiple tabs, which will scroll with a vertical swipe making the other news visible.
You can also follow us from Currents by clicking the appropriate icon in the section Follow us on the right! | Replaced by Play Newsstand

8. Viral
Viral is an application that we have already discussed in two articles, here e here. It is the alternative to youtube, in many respects even superior. The highlight is the ability to display videos in the form of a popup without having to stay in the app! | removed

7. Toshi finance
This application allows us to manage monthly or weekly income and expenses. It is excellent to keep your expenses under control by adding tag which help us to add the following similar expenses. From time to time, the expenses will be subtracted from the pre-set entry and our available budget will be shown. | Download

6. Shark movie

If you want to watch a movie streaming from your android terminal, shark movie is the right application. It offers many films, including the latest ones. It is possible to watch them or download them, BUT REMEMBER THAT IT IS ILLEGAL! | removed

5. Focal
We are talking about the famous camera application Cyanogenmod! It is the most complete application I've ever seen, but the discourage for everyday shots since still in version beta. We will wait for the stable version. | Download

4. xtraSEC
In my opinion, the best application for not losing our terminal. With root permissions we can make it become a system app and by sms we can activate WIFI, data, gps and easily locate our terminal. In this article more details. Download

3. Timetable
If you are careless like me and from one day to the next don't remember which lesson to follow, in which classroom and at what time, then you need Timetable. This app allows us to configure the duration of lessons and how many we have per day and consequently set up our lessons, classrooms, professors, etc. We can be notified of the start of a lesson (or exam, exercises ..) by a notification that we will choose how long before it appears and we can even let the application silence our device during lessons, automatically, to return to the ringtone at the end. | Download

2. Calculator ++
Application with well 4,8 stars, is among the best calculators for android. Nothing to envy of a common scientific calculator. It is able to perform simple and complex functions and to show graphs, even in 3D. Converts to binary, hexadecimal and octal and has discrete widgets to perform some function directly from the home. | Download

1. Atooma
An application Italian company on which I will surely make an article! This is the best application for managing an android terminal, because it is based on simple commands that we will be at create through functions IFDO. Therefore we will determine which actions must take place under certain conditions. For example I can choose to have the 24: 00 automatically enter the airplane mode by setting an IF for the time and a DO for the airplane mode or to lower the brightness inside a house by setting IF for the sensor and DO for the brightness. To understand the potential, we can ensure that when we are in the car, a text message is read, without having to set anything if not the first time.
Follow us for the article in this application 😉  Download


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