Android Springfield Cheats [4.6.2 version]

After i Tricks for Quiz Duel here are those for another very popular game, we are talking about de The Simpsons Springfield: a game that still fascinates people of all ages, and that holds high the honor of the most famous family of all time even in the Android world.

By installing the apk in this article (instead of the official downloadable one from PlayStore), we will have donuts and endless dollars, thus allowing the creation of the Springfield of your dreams in no time.


  1. If the game is already present in the device it must be uninstalled.
  2. Unload the cracked apk of the game | Download Springfield 4.6.2
  3. Transfer the downloaded apk to the device memory | File transfer guide
  4. Enable apk installation from unknown sources: Settings -> Safety -> tick the box "Unknown origins"
  5. Through a file manager (eg ES File) install the apk simply by selecting it, the installation process will start at the end of which we will find ourselves in the initial tutorial with a lot of money and donuts.
Android Springfield Cheats

Android Springfield Cheats

If the donuts finish, simply make a small purchase at the shop, such as a bench or a tree and a disproportionate number of donuts will magically reappear 🙂

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