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Di launcher there are so many for android and, for those who may not know, a launcher manages the graphics of our device. Especially the home, app drawer etc. Everyone can have unique features, like gestures, customizable grids for icon placement, free resizing of widgets and so on.
After trying so many, like 3D Next Launcher, Nova Launcher, GO Launcher EX, Yandex Shell, Buzz Launcher and MIUI, I tried TSF Shell Launcher which for me is among the best (default launcher for a month compared to the few weeks or days of the aforementioned).


RAM consumption is low (compared to other Launchers), it is around 65MB, but may vary from device to device. It's really fluid, I never noticed lag although in the home it also has 2-3 widgets per screen and active 3D effects. High customization: dozens of themes, compatibility with almost all icons, gestures, free placement of icons on the home or intelligent alignment, ect.
The language is also available Italian company.


Widgets are particularly beautiful, to be downloaded separately. Not many, precisely we find 7, namely: Contacts, Messages, Weather, Gallery, Memo, Music, Now.

  • Weather obviously it shows us the weather, but unfortunately for me it is not complete, removed and replaced immediately
  • Gallery show some photos as the most common widgets do, but with a tap you start a spiral in 3D that we can scroll through horizontal swipe and 2 keys will also appear: 1 to close the 3D display, the other to configure the widget, or choose which photo view
  • Time shows the clock and some weather information and touching it comes alive. Tapping instead the alarm icon we can quickly set an alarm and choose the days in which it will be activated
  • Memorandum is the widget for quick free handwritten notes
  • Music is the widget to play music, we can choose the folders where to take audio files. The widget is shown with just the play, back and forward keys and configuration, but with a swipe down the widget flips over to show the covers too! With a swipe upwards it returns as before
  • Contact us simply add a contact on the home
  • Messages is represented by an envelope that shows through the 3D effect just the messages received

Customization and effects

Like many other launchers, TSF Shell Launcher offers the possibility to customize every single thing with Mix of themes available on the play store, in particular the icons, to which we can change the background, change the display of the application name, the size and rotate them.
We can choose shortcuts for the physical keys and set gestures for double touch, vertical swipe, pinch and swipe with two vertical and horizontal fingers.
Unfortunately, there are not many 3D effects that can be customized when changing screens, but you can also activate animations for widgets and apps. Consequently the app drawer also has few transitional effects, although different from those of the home. Here we can choose to hide the apps, uninstall them or display them by name or installation date using the three buttons at the top left.
The dock is also quite customizable, as it is dynamic. In fact, besides being able to do it place at any point of the edges of the display, you can hide it and add as many icons as you want and resize it with a simple swipe. Moreover the icon that shows / hides the dock, gives the possibility to choose between the home and the app drawer and to move the icons.
We also have a drop-down bar where we find launcher widgets, some animated screen effects, shortcuts for activating BT, WiFi, ect and our favorite apps.
Finally it offers a completely different system from any other launcher for managing icons and folders on the home. It is possible to collect more icons with the lasso tool to intelligently place them or drag them to other screens or delete them or insert them into folders. The latter also have an 3D effect. That is, it is not necessary to plug in to display the icons inside, but it is sufficient to swipe from the bottom upwards (starting from the folder of course) to arrange the icons in the display (the icons will follow our finger until the swipe ends).


These are some of the features. Below is the demonstration video, although help will guide you while using the launcher.


First of all the price which is well € 12,84, secondly the lack of folders in the app drawer that, although it is not a fundamental thing, it is however useful to be able to manage one's own icons in folders.
Few 3D transition effects. 
Finally it rarely happened that in the home the swipe does not go to change screens and therefore not even the gestures.


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