All about Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi2S: Rom, Kernel, Recovery, Tools (Update 02 / 06 / 15)

All that has been (and will be) developed for Xiaomi Mi2 (S), code name Aries, will be collected in this article. It will then be updated from time to time. If you want to report something I've forgotten, go ahead.


The ROMs color red they are available only in Chinese and English.
The ROMs color green they are official Roma.

Android 5.x Lollipop Xiaomi Mi2 / S

4.4 Android KitKat

4.3 Android Jelly Bean

4.2 Android Jelly Bean

4.1 Android Jelly Bean

Moonlight RomS

NOTE: the following ROMs are all ports of the same developer. Most of them they are only in Chinese and English




  • KHAON | Link
    It only works on ROMs based on CyanogenMod and AOSP. Optimized, included various Governors and schedulers, GPU overlock support, undervolt and more. Development in progress
  • LINARO | Link
  • LINARO 2,3 Ghz | Link (only with ROM Linaro)
  • Franco Kernel
  • Mi Core 007m | Link
    The kernel sources have been released for a few months, but this still remains the only kernel for Xiaomi Mi2 (s). It is possible to install it alone on MIUI based ROMs equal to or greater than the 3.11.8 version. It simply installs with the clockworkmod flash. Despite implementing new functions such as the undervolt, the bugs are not missing and the most relevant is the reading / writing on SD too slow.


  • Aries Toolkit | Link
    The best tool for Xiaomi, compatible with Windows and Linux (better the latter) and developed by the Italian user linuxx helps to flash, repartition the device and more. ADB needed to work.
  • MiFlash | Link
    We can compare it to Samsung's Odin, it is the tool for flashing ROMs 'on the fly' by connecting the device to the PC. Very useful (and recommended only) if the phone is having trouble flashing a ROM. For normal rom installations, it is better to act through Updater or recovery (better if through Clockworkmod)
  • Driver (Windows) | Link

Script, Mod and Applications

  • Mi2Raw | Thread
    It currently only works on MIUI ROMs. This app allows you to take pictures in raw, as on Xiaomi Mi3, saving the file with DNG extension. Then you have to use another app, like Raw Decoder (on Android), to process and decode the file or a program on the PC. The weight of the images varies between 16 and 25 MB
  • MIUI camera | Download in English
    The standard MIUI camera seems to be the best application for taking photos via Xiaomi Mi2. You want the others to have some bugs, you want me to miss some settings, at the moment I suggest you use this application for your shots.
    Obviously the download is necessary only if you don't use MIUI 😉
  • Script to repartition System | Link
    increases both system partitions up to 840MB
  • Open Cyngn (modified cyanogenmod) | Link
  • WSM Tools (MIUI ROM only) | Our guide
    WSM Tools is the correspondent of Xposed Framework for MIUI ROMs. Like Xposed, WSM allows you to modify your own ROM, adding features that transform certain aspects. Some examples may be the position of the clock, more options in the restart menu (recovery, fastboot, system change), status bar color change and much more.
  • Breakdown | Guide
    Useful for system and date distribution with the size you prefer.

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