Ubuntu 14.10: How to upgrade to the latest version of the known Linux distribution

For the first time, if you run into an operating system with a GNU / Linux based kernel (Ubuntu in this case), you may have difficulty updating, especially if you come from an LTS. Today let's see how to upgrade to the latest version of Shuttleworth's operating system!

1 method: Update from the package manager (GUI)

For beginners who come from LTS and don't know how to "play" with the source manager they may have difficulty downloading the upgrade from their package manager, so let's see how to enable updates even to non-LTS

1) Open software and updates from the dashboard

2) Go to the "Updates" tab and at the bottom in "Notify new Ubuntu versions" select "For any version", enter the password when prompted and close, then update the repositories when prompted (Update cache)


3) Check for updates, then from the dashboard look for "Software Updates", wait and then you will be notified that the latest Ubuntu version is available and will ask you to update, then press "Update"

4) Here is a "very small" documentation in English, click on Execute Progress

licenceacctWe await the download of the new versions and of the SO ...


Once you have downloaded the update, install the downloaded!


This is how much for the 1 method

2 method: Clean installation or CD upgrade

To install the new version of Ubuntu you can also choose to download the ISO image and mount it on a USB flash drive as a bootable one, to start it on a PC.

To download the ISO of the new OS version click here and configure your version, then click on Start Download!

To mount the ISO on USB we refer to ours guide which also explains how to install Ubuntu in dual-boot with Windows (also valid for 14.10)

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