Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia: Daily Build available

Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia: try all the upcoming news thanks to the Daily Build

With this post, I propose to respond to what have recently been the most frequently asked questions I received in private.

  • Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia, will it live up to the previous Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version?
  • What brings with it again Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia?
  • What is known about Unity 8 and Mir?

Ubuntu 14.10 Features

In the last period, we talk a lot about the next release Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia, today even more, since the first ISO Daily Build was released just for the future version of Ubuntu Desktop.

One of the first innovations, in this way I answer the last question listed above, concerns Unity 8 and Mir, which will be present by default on Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia. Then, once the ISO has been downloaded and installed, you can touch the new Unity 8 graphic environment and see the Mir graphics server at work.

Unfortunately Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia, is a Daily Build, so it will be quite unstable, it will have a lot of bugs and compatibility problems. Ordunque, if you want to try I suggest you use it on a machine that you do not use daily to work on it. I remind you that the Daily Buid, for any GNU / Linux distribution, therefore also for Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia, have the purpose of giving the possibility to the developers outside the team and to the testers, to be able to document and know all the peculiarities of the next release.

More details on Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia:
This release will be released on the next 24 October and will by default bring Unity 7, X.Org and Compiz. For more details, keep following us closely.

Download Iso Ubuntu 14.10 Unicorn Utopia

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