Ubuntu Builder: create a Linux distro in minutes

Ubuntu Builder is a tool that allows you to create a linux distribution that perfectly fits our needs, allowing us to make changes to the Ubuntu image and derivatives, such as: adding or removing packages to the original ISO or changing graphic environment, include repository and much more, all in a simple and intuitive way.

We can therefore indulge ourselves by enriching our distribution with packages that normally are not present due to the licenses and we will not have to worry about the size of the image because we will be able to use a USB key from some GB, or a DVD, enough to contain all the programs that normally install immediately after updating or changing the distro like: java, flash player, codec etc etc ...

Ubuntu Builder supports:

  • all Ubuntu releases
  • Ubuntu derivatives (Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu etc.)
  • i386 and amd64 architectures (32bit, 64bit)

does not work with:

  • Debian
  • other distributions derived from Debian other than Ubuntu


ubuntu builder


Download the latest version of Ubuntu Builder directly from Google Code click HERE, select the .deb package and wait for the download to complete.

once the installation is complete we will find again in the menu -> System the voice Ubuntu Builder, we recommend having at least 4Gb of free space on your hard disk as all changes made to the ISO image will reside in our Home.



The initial interface it is well done, we will have to select an ISO image to modify from our hard disk, CD player or download it directly from the internet choosing the version of the distribution through the drop-down menu; if we wanted to create a minimal distribution or that it contains only the desired packages I recommend using the image of Ubuntu Mini Remix.

After selecting the image, we move on to choosing the type of graphic environment


having selected the DE that we prefer, a non-interactive shell will open from which we can observe the execution of the operation;

The other options in the interface:

  • Package list: will open an empty text file in which we can insert a list of the packages that we are including in our image.
  • Edit sources.list: allows us to add / remove repositories.
  • Synaptic: will open Synaptic directly from the operating system we are modifying, allowing us to install packages, manage repositories and much more with a convenient graphical interface.
  • terminal: will open the terminal in order to carry out the operations in a textual way.
  • desktop: will start a "Live" session of our operating system, very useful to check the appearance of the desktop and try to use our distro.
  • Install deb packages: will start the file manager to install additional .deb packages, present on our hard disk.
  • Ubiquity: will allow us to customize the screenshots of the slideshow displayed during the installation of the distribution.


Selecting the icon "Settings"A window will open from which we can change the image information such as the Name, version, release notes; while from the tab "Advanced"We can set some settings like the resolution of the graphic chroot or the amount of RAM to be granted to QEMU that deals with virtualize our ISO if we wanted to try it directly from Ubuntu builder.

Once the configuration of our distribution is finished, click on "Crea"And a image .ISO of our distro in the path: "/ Home / ubuntu-builder " ready to be burned on a stick or CD / DVD, it is also possible to export / import our project.

Unfortunately it was not possible to carry out the procedure by Wizard because it caused the blocking of the application itself; the Ubuntu builder project is constantly evolving compliments to the tool developer Francesco Muriana that has created a software so useful and simple to use.

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