Ubuntu One: 5Gb of completely free and expandable cloud space

Ubuntu One is the Canonical service born with the now old version of Ubuntu 9.04, which over the years has been able to innovate by becoming a good multi-platform cloud service.

It offers to anyone well 5Gb of free space, which are expandable up to 20Gb by paying 3 $ a month or 29 $ a year, not only, inviting other people through our affiliate link is possible expand further 500Mb our cloud, for each person presented!

Ubuntu One it can be a valid integration or alternative to Google Drive especially if we use a Linux distribution on our PC, Google Drive in fact, while working perfectly on our smartphones, does not yet support the GNU / Linux operating systems, whereas the Canonical service can be installed on any OS: Microsoft, Linux, Ios and gives us the opportunity to increase the value of the service simply sharing and thus supporting the project itself, in perfect style opensource.

ubuntu one ubuntu one

In the app settings we can choose whether to enable the backup of photos taken automatically, whether to run it only when we are connected in WIFI or even in roaming exactly like the automatic backup of Google+.

from Official site you can download the version for your PC, with which we can set an automatic backup for some specific folders of our computer or access the files already in the cloud.


to install Ubuntu one on Ubuntu and derivatives you can do it directly from Software center or alternatively from the terminal with the following command:

sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-installer

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