Ubuntu Touch: how to create the first application

Of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, in the pages of our blog, we have spoken very often, trying to keep you updated as much as possible about its development and its evolution.

Now the project is mature and even at a good point, consider Canonical's agreements with some manufacturers of mobile devices, but also the release of the emulator for Ubuntu Touch and also the availability of some applications for this mobile operating system.

In this regard, my passion for programming and for the GNU / Linux world gave me the charge to create and offer you a small tutorial to create an application just for Ubuntu Touch.


Is it difficult to create the Ubuntu Touch app?

No! That is, programming and real programming must be understood, it is never easy, but with the right guides, manuals and examples you can learn quickly.

So here in this tutorial, enclosed in a series of downloadable slides, you can learn to develop your first application for Ubuntu Touch, which will also have the ability to run on the desktop version of Ubuntu.

Will I find all the necessary information?

I am more than certain that in this tutorial, slides and posts, you will find all the information you need to get started, you just need to have the good will to read carefully everything written and then put it into practice.

Here are the tutorial slides:

More or less this is all that can be said about this subject. It must be said that this is only the beginning and that in the future there will also be other similar events.

I hope you enjoy this first post and first tutorial. I also hope that this tutorial will trigger in you the passion to try Ubuntu Touch and also the desire to develop the first application for this mobile operating system.

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