The latest update for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE offers the opportunity to take pictures of the moon

As we all know, Xiaomi in the last bienno has focused a lot on the configuration of the camera of its smartphones. In fact, there is considerable progress and in the 10 smartphone ranking with the best camera we find two flagship home phones Xiaomi: Mi 9 and Mix 3.

Credit: Xiaomi Facebook

The last one flagship home Xiaomi, My 9, has received well 107 points su DXOMark and recently received the Moon mode; or modality Moon. Xiaomi has now introduced a new update for it too Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, introducing the same Moon mode. The update of the MIUI is the 10.3.10 version and as it suggests Xiaomi, the new Moon mode will allow all users to have a great photo of the moon without too many complications.

To use the Moon mode, simply open the camera application, aim with the lens at the Moon and click on the AI ​​button. At this point you need to tap to focus and set an 4x zoom or higher. The artificial intelligence of the camera will automatically recognize the moon and will take a really remarkable photo of it.

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The advantages of this mode are varied. No more wasting time setting up ISO and shutter. Even a newbie who has no idea what a shutter is can, thanks to this new mode, have a clear and sharp picture of the Moon simply with a smartphone.


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