A new Xiaomi patent reveals 4 cameras and magnetic sliders

Il Mi Mix 3 was one of the most successful products of last year for Xiaomi. The device, in fact, has conquered everyone with its innovative camera with a pop-up slider and thanks to excellent construction materials. The excellent success could lead the Chinese company to replicate the pop-up mechanism even in a new smartphone, probably Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, or so it would seem on the basis of a patent published by some newspapers in the last hours.

A new Xiaomi patent reveals 4 cameras and magnetic sliders. Will I Mix 4?

The patent that is running on the net has been found and published by our foreign colleagues from TigerMobiles. The certification of this new design was registered at CNIPA (National Intellectual Property Agency) and shows a device with practically the same design as the We Mix 3. The only difference with the lucky device of the Chinese company is the rear one that presents well 4 cameras

Xiaomi patent 4 camera slider

In fact, by looking at the images of the patent, we can see how the design of the aforementioned device is completely the same as that of the last model in the series I mix. There is also a button dedicated to calling up the function for the voice assistant. The substantial difference is found in the back of the device where we find a set up of 4 cameras positioned in a very similar way to a device of the Motorola. There is no sensor on the rear which makes us think of an in-display sensor. This type of design could be the one chosen by the Chinese company for the new one Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 out by the end of this year.

But it does not end here, in fact the company of Lei Jun in the patent it also presents another type of design without the magnetic slider e the 4 rear cameras. In this case the novelty consists of a notch from a completely new form which would seem to enclose one inside double front camera. The rear of the device leaves the 4 cameras positioned centrally to make room for an already known 3 sensor set moved to the left of the device.

xiaomi patent 2 notch

The patent in question remains, as always, a simple project of the company. Surely this time the two designs taken into consideration are absolutely feasible and not too science fiction designs as, at times, the company has accustomed us. It could be projects never used or, perhaps, be the first sketches of a possible Mi Mix 4. Who knows, only with time will we know more about it.


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