A new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air will be presented on March 26

Xiaomi is a company that has always been active in almost all technological markets. Known above all for its smartphones, the company of Lei Jun, actually has many types of products also in the home automation, wearable and computer market. It is precisely in the area of ​​computers that it appears that, soon, the Chinese company is ready to release a new notebook. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air that the next 26 March will expand its range of devices with a new version.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, the 26 March a new version that will weigh only 1.07 Kg

Since its first version of the I have a notebook, the Chinese company, immediately made it clear that its products were an inspiration to the already known notebooks of the Apple. In fact, the company has always focused on producing very thin, manageable and lightweight laptops but at the same time that allowed it to offer powerful and fast hardware for professional purposes. Today, according to a poster that runs on Weibo, the company announced that the next 26 March will be presented in China a new version of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air that will weigh you alone 1.07 Kg.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air presented 26 March

A truly contained weight compared to the competition. Indeed the new We Notebook Air will be much lighter than Huawei MateBook 12 that weighs 1.3 Kg and even the MacBook Air that weighs on it 1.25 of Kg. So an incredible distance given to the competition that could really bring the next device of the Xiaomi to be an interesting "best buy"In the IT market.

It must be said that already the latest versions released by the company were notebooks that had truly contained dimensions and weights. Only last year, in fact, were the versions presented by 13.3 inches e 15.6 inches, in China, with Intel processors on board i3, i5 e i7 that did not exceed i 1.35 Kg. This new version that is about to be presented next week, at this point given the weight, could be a variant from 13.3 inches or even smaller. It seems unlikely to see a version from 15 inches with such a moderate weight. But never say never. Xiaomi he has always used us to "break the mold" so this unlikely possibility is not to be excluded either.

As far as some technical or design specifications are concerned, we cannot know anything, we will probably know the new one Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air directly to the event organized on 26 March, or maybe, we will be able to have the first advances in the previous days. In any case we invite you to stay tuned on our blog to be always updated in a timely manner.


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