How to speed up Android animations

Does your smartphone seem slowed down? Have you noticed that after an update it is no longer as reactive as before? They told you that to speed it up you have to resort to modding but the only word scares you? So before thinking of replacing it, you can try a little trick that will make it more responsive without having to make any changes to the system.

With a few simple steps we can speed up the launch of applications and transitions on any Android terminal to make them go faster. This thanks to a setting a little hidden from the eyes of the users less geeks.

Speed ​​up Android animations

Perhaps not everyone knows, in fact, that on all our Android smartphones and tablets there is the possibility of accessing a secret menu (even more than one in reality) that allows us to speed up (or at least make us look faster) our terminals. This is an operation that requires no more than 5 minutes, furthermore it is not necessary to install any application and it is not even necessary to have it root o custom recovery.

Make modding ... without modding! How to speed up Android animations

To access this secret menu it will be enough for us to go to the Settings phone, then on Phone information (o Phone status) and click repeatedly on Build version (o Build NumberMIUI Version on smartphones Xiaomi). After clicking 7 several times, we will notice a toast notification with the following message: You are now a developer. If you had done it in the past, you would find the message instead You are already a developer.

Once enabled, it will therefore be sufficient to find the Developer Option in the Settings menu (in Xiaomi you can find it in Other settings o Additional settings) and then reduce the speed of animation transitions from 1 (default value) a 0.5x. These are the three items to which the value must be changed: Scale animation window, Transition animation scale, Animator duration scale.

With this little trick, everything will seem more fluid and our cell phone faster. Seeing is believing! Good modding ... without modding!

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