Ipad glass broken? Here is 3 repair solutions

We have entered the era of technological development, especially that which is connected to telephony and tablets, jewels of technology that can make life much easier thanks to the thousands of applications that can be downloaded for free or for a fee.

At the same time, however, they are much more fragile than the old mobile phones, for example, it is possible that it may happen that ours iPad mini can slip from our hands thus colliding against the floor causing the glass to break; at this point it is almost forced to replace the glass of the iPad mini.

Recent statistics have shown that around 10% of iPad mini owners will accidentally break the glass within the first year of purchase. If this happens there is absolutely no need to despair, as it can be repaired even at very reasonable costs!

How is the iPad glass made?

Before understanding how to compensate for the damage, let's try to understand how the glass of the iPad is made: a greater knowledge of it will allow us to understand the best way for us to repair the damage.

What are the constituent elements:

  • Digitizer (or digitizer)
  • LCD
  • Protection shield

First, it's definitely important to know that the display of theiPad mini is made up of two layers, the surface, the glass, and the most fundamental part, the LCD panel. Obviously, it is immediately clear that being able to repair the glass of theIPad mini is much easier, faster and above all cheaper than the LCD panel.

The digitizer it is the very thin component that contains the metal oxide layer and the capacitance variation sensors.

The LCD display (English acronym for Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal Display) is the screen that, illuminated by a lamp or a series of LEDs, will display what the graphics processor will process.

And, finally, to be able to cover both these very delicate components, we find a transparent screen. The material varies from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer, but must always be 100% transparent and as strong as possible.

For the protection screen, it is possible to use glass various polymers, or modern alloys in glass fiber and silicates, very resistant.

Warning: when we say "very resistant", we do not mean "indestructible". For now, unfortunately, nothing indestructible has been created… And (probably) it never will be.

The real problem is that the broken glass could damage the LCD underneath it; at this point, ours iPad mini will show up with showy cracks in the glass and with the characteristic multicolored lines, synonymous with damaged glass and LCD.

3 possible solutions for repair

After being able to understand the damage that ours has suffered iPad mini, we can continue by studying three possible ways that allow us to be able to repair the glass of ours iPad mini:

1 solution: take advantage of the guarantee

As a first approach, if the liPad mini is still under warranty, it is always better to be able to use it for two main reasons: the first is that it is completely free, the other is that you can entrust the damaged tablet to real professionals. It is useful to know, in order to prevent the damage, that Apple provides a supplementary guarantee, Apple Care + for Ipad, at a cost of 49 euros.

2 solution: have it repaired at a specialist shop

After the boom of Apple products, there are so many companies that have specialized in the repair of Ipad glass, for this reason, if the warranty has expired we can rely on these companies that are able to repair theiPad mini in the best way and at a reasonable price.

Among the various, it can be reported Icrash in the province of Padua, website: www.icrash.it.

3 solution: DIY

Buy the piece that you can change: this possibility of repairing the tablet is absolutely suitable for all those who know at least a minimum of Apple hardware. It is possible to buy it on Ebay or Amazon.Obviously the operation is very delicate and risky both from the point of the components that will be purchased (they must be of quality), and from the point that a minimum mistake is enough to worsen the damage.

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