Viral: Youtube floating video android 

Viral is an application that allows the playback of videos in floating allowing us to play the video within a popup window, draggable to any point on the screen, in order to give us the possibility to perform other operations during the execution of the movie, a real and multi-tasking!


compared to the official Youtube application we find many features that enrich the user experience:

in fact we find a rich lateral disappearance menu very similar to the official app but with some interesting options, such as that of play videos in the background, show the most shared or most commented videos.

also the part related to the options is very detailed, we have extensive customization possibilities:

we can choose the proportions of the video, the size of the floating popup window, resize it with a simple pich in / pinch-out, choose whether to open the videos inside the app or directly in floating, activate the floating with the phone shake, we can vary the functions of the home, back, and finally, it is possible to change the appearance of the application in detail by selecting the colors for each element of the user interface.

viral viral1

Viral supports any video resolution from 260p to 1080p, and can be installed on any android phone: we tried it on a LG Nexus 4 and we didn't have any crash or slow down of the terminal.

and what do you think? would you like to find this type of function in the official youtube application?

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