VR BOX 2, the cheapest augmented reality viewer: less than 15 €

VR BOX 2 is an aesthetically pleasing and robust 3D augmented reality viewer with a very low price, among the cheapest on the market: little more than 13 Euros.

vr box 2

VR BOX 2 is equipped with Bluetooth and can be used both with Android smartphone that with iOS. The interesting thing is that so many smartphones are compatible, since the supported display sizes range from 3.5 ″ to 6 ″.

As for the controls, this augmented reality viewer has no buttons on its surface, but comes with a Bluetooth remote control with a switch between iOS and Android.

Finally, it offers the possibility of adjusting the lenses individually, therefore the distance between them and the focus with the device, reducing a possible double image effect; function that can be useful especially in cases of myopia.

It is available in white color and is built in ABS; the dimensions are 19.0 x 13.0 x 10.0 cm and it weighs about 400 grams.

For more information or to buy it at 13.49 Euros, click here.

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